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So long, handmade timesheets and time cards to punch in and out, or relying on memory to figure out your employee’s hours. In a time where all our lives are on our phones, so should your business. A GPS powered, cloud-based time clock is the best method to ensure labor cost accuracy, especially for industries that require multiple teams of workers to be in multiple job sites at the same time.

WorkPodium & TrackMyGuys were created by a business owner out in the field, who decided to take the “timesheet” bull by the horns, partnering with some of the best in the tech world to design a mobile app that could track his employees in real time.

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On our platform you can easily create new jobs, set budgets and track expenses for each job. You can add each employee and they will have access to the TrackMyGuys app to punch in and out at the click of a button. With our APP, you know exactly how much time was spent on each job and how many hours each employee worked.


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